What Does Renters Insurance NOT Cover?

Rental insurance is a must for any renter but, it may not include everything you think. Here we will break down the specific things basic policies may not include so you can cover all your bases – before the first pitch is thrown.


1. Bed Bugs

No one plans to get bed bugs. They are a type of vermin that infiltrate your home and can wreak havoc on your health. Regardless, any infestation, whether it be bed bugs, mice, rodents, or insects – is not covered by the majority of rental insurance policies. This is because these rental insurance policies were created for natural disasters and other quick, unlikely occurrences. Bed bugs fall under the umbrella of home maintenance and therefore, are not covered.

2. Valuable or Precious Items

The majority of rental insurance policies do not cover valuable or precious items unless they are insured separately themselves. Policies have a cap on the amount they will cover for personal property. If your items go above and beyond this, it may be worthwhile to pay a little more and get a policy with a higher coverage limit. Even still, if the items are ruined by fire or theft you may have a clause, but, if you were to lose your engagement ring, for instance, this would not be covered.

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3. Pet Damage

A pet ruining personal property or the rental itself is not something related to theft or a leak, meaning you are responsible. This means that any damages caused by your little friend, fall under your purview. If you are raising a little monster, it may be in your interest to take out pet insurance. Make sure to disclose your pet to your landlord and insurance company. If you are hiding your little friend, not only are they not covered, you can end up voiding your policy as well.

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4. Your Roommates Personal Effects

Taking out a rental insurance policy helps protect you from sudden and accidental events that affect your belongings. The keyword here is ‘yours’. These policies rarely cover anyone else living in your rental including roommates, significant others, or the personal belongings of guests. To guarantee coverage, each individual in your rental should be taking out their own rental insurance policy.


5. Lost Items

Items get lost, that is life, but accidentally losing important items does not fall under a rental insurance policy. If you misplace, lose, or break an item such as a laptop or phone – it is not classified as a risk and therefore the policy you took out will not be relevant.

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6. Your Vehicle

If your car is broken into or something of the sort, then good news, your items are insured. However, the car itself and any damages to the vehicle are not covered by your rental insurance; they are covered by your car insurance – which, by the way, rarely covers your belongings.